Robert Semple - President of the national convention


Taking the Voluntary Party Forward

Activists are the bedrock of our Party, it’s important that we continue to develop and build an even more effective grass roots organisation. In this respect my long term priorities would be;

  • To create a national campaigning infrastructure, based around shared facilities; that is effective both in the good years and the tough ones. This would include continuing our investment in VoteSource.
  • To increase regional autonomy; empower our regional teams to create a culture of accountability, responsibility and an expectation to deliver results.
  • To ensure the National Convention remains at the heart of our Party, with greater input and influence on key decisions.
  • To further develop a modern approach to membership administration and a professional approach to membership recruitment.
  • To continue to prioritise the Conservative Policy Forum (CPF) and Social Action programme.

Speaking at the Conservative Party Conference 2013

About The National Convention and Conservative Party Board

The National Convention is made up of elected representatives from our activists base across the country. The Convention elects five members to the Board of the Conservative Party, which is the ultimate decision making body for all of the Party’s operational matters including; fundraising, membership and candidates.

Representatives from each section of the Party – voluntary, political and professional – sit on the board. Read more about the structure of the Party here.

“Rob is a very effective voice for the Voluntary Party at Board level, where he commands considerable respect. His work on membership has been exemplary… with thoroughness, patience and good humour. He has always made himself available, across the country, to explain how, and more importantly why, CAMS works and the Party’s recent success with recruitment is eloquent testimony to his efforts.”

Andrew Sharpe
Regional Chairman, South East


Campaigning in Morley and Outwood